As you know, at Synergy Investment Management we take your security very seriously and are continuously committed to helping you fight the ever-growing problem of cyber fraud and other dangers. Here are five simple ways you can protect your data, your money, and most importantly, your family from these threats.

  1. keylock_email  SAFEGUARD EMAIL ACCOUNTS
  • Be very cautious when viewing unsolicited emails
  • Do not click on links or pop-up ads in unsolicited emails
  • Know many scams involve hacking emails and impersonating the account owners to gain access to sensitive information and/or money
  • Make passwords strong with at least  8-12 characters, include upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols
  • Change your passwords often or use a password vault
  • Never use confidential data or information that is easily found about you online in your usernames or passwords
  1. keylock_mouse  SURF SAFELY
  • Use only trusted networks, APPs, and computers
  • Know that secure websites start with https:, and not http:
  • Never click on links or attachments from unknown sources
  1. keylock_money  PROTECT YOUR MONEY 
  • Review all of your financial statements when available and immediately report anything suspicious
  • Never send your personal identifiable or account information via unsecure channels like email, chat, text
  • Be aware of our firm guidelines for client verification and funds disbursement requests
  1. keylock_sharing  LIMIT WHAT YOU SHARE ONLINE
  • Be very selective about what you share on social media and with whom you share it
  • Set privacy and security settings on web services and devices to your comfort level for sharing

As always, we appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve you and your interests.